Informe SEC 2013
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Informes SEC

Informe SEC 2013

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Informes SEC 2013
Form 20-F - 2013
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6 K
Diciembre 2-2013
Ecopetrol S.A. discloses a letter from Luis Carlos Villegas, Independent Director
Diciembre 5-2013
Ecopetrol declared the commercial viability of the Eastern Caño Sur block
Diciembre 9-2013
Ecopetrol and Talisman announce the commercial viability of the Akacías area in Block  CPO-09
Diciembre 12-2013
Fitch Ratings upgrades Ecopetrols Foreign and Local Currency Ratings
Diciembre 13-2013
Ecopetrol announces a US$10,595 million Capex budget for 2014
Diciembre 20-2013
Additional Information on the Financing of Ecopetrol´s 2014 Capex Budget
Noviembre 13-2013
Ecopetrol Clarifies Information Published in the Media
Noviembre 13-2013
Ecopetrol S.A. announces the appointment of its new Chief Financial Officer
Octubre 31-2013
Ecopetrol Announces Its Results for the Third Quarter of 2013
Septiembre 11-2013
Announcement from Ecopetrol S.A.
Septiembre 26-2013
Ecopetrol S.A. discloses a letter from Amilcar Acosta, Independent Director
Agosto 1-2013
Ecopetrol announces its results for the second quarter of 2013
Agosto 5-2013
Colombias Superintendency of Finance Authorizes Ecopetrols Program of Domestic Debt Securities and Commercial Papers for up to Three Trillion Pesos (COP$3,000,000,000,000)
Agosto 8-2013
Ecopetrol reports on the authorization received to manage bond emissions in the international market
Agosto 26-2013
Ecopetrol S.A. announces Local Bond Issuance and Placement of COP$600,000,000,000 by means of a Notice of Public Offer in Colombia
Agosto 27-2013
Ecopetrol S.A. announces the results of its local bond issuance and placement
Agosto 30-2013
Recent Developments
Agosto 30-2013
Financial Statements for Six Months ended June 30, 2013
Julio 8-2013
Ecopetrol S.A. sheds light on an possible bond emission in Colombia
Julio 18-2013
Ecopetrol S.A. comments on news reports about the possible sale of its stake in the Empresa de Energía de Bogotá S.A. E.S.P. or in Interconexión Eléctrica S.A.
Junio 14-2013
Ecopetrol filed an amendment to give effect and formalize changes to its bylaws approved by its General Shareholders Meeting of 2013
Junio 24-2013
Ecopetrol´s Chief Financial Officer Appointed as Vice President of Strategy and Growth
Mayo 6-2013
Ecopetrol announces its results for the first quarter of 2013
Mayo 9-2013
Ecopetrol approves additional funding for the Modernization of its Cartagena Refinery
Mayo 15-2013
Ecopetrol Submitted the Highest Bids for Three Blocks in the Brazil Bidding Round
Mayo 28-2013
Ecopetrol enters into a loan agreement for COP$1.84 trillion with Colombian Banks
Abril 2-2013
Ecopetrol completes the transfer of transportation assets to its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cenit
Abril 2-2013
Ecopetrol continues to grow in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico (U.S.)
Abril 19-2013
Ecopetrol S.A.´s Board of Directors approves membership of committees
Abril 26-2013
Standard & Poor´s upgrades Ecopetrol´s international rating
Abril 29-2013
Ecopetrol files 2012 SEC Annual Report
Abril 29-2013
Ecopetrol 20F 2012 SEC Annual Report
Marzo 11-2013
Fitch Ratings Upgrades Ecopetrol S.A.´s Rating Outlook
Marzo 21-2013
General Shareholders´ Meeting announces its decision on the new composition of the Board of Directors
Marzo 21-2013
Ecopetrol appoints External Auditor for the fiscal year 2013
Marzo 21-2013
Dividend approved by the Shareholders´ Meeting of 2013
Marzo 26-2013
Ecopetrol S.A. announces Eximbank-Guaranteed credit facility
Febrero 6-2013
Ecopetrol discloses minority shareholders agreement
Febrero 15-2013
Ecopetrol Reports its Proven Reserves for 2012
Febrero 15-2013
Ecopetrol announces its results for the fourth quarter and full year 2012
Febrero 22-2013
Proposal of By-Laws Reform to be presented at Ecoeptrol S.A. Sharehodlers Meeting
Febrero 25-2013
Ecopetrol S.A.´s Board of Directors approves earnings distribution proposal for fiscal year 2012
Febrero 25-2013
Ecopetrol adopts measures to guarantee the adequate representation of shareholders at the 2013 General Shareholders´ Meeting
Enero 22-2013
Ecopetrol reports on decision by the Colombian Council of State
Enero 29-2013
Changes in two Board of Director´s Committees